Chellee is pronounced shel-ee (like Shelly).  It is my wife’s name and short for Michelle.

Return and Warranty information can be found here.

I only ship to countries that I am reasonably certain will deliver without loss.  There are several countries that I have yet to set up for shipping that I would probably be able to, but I’m too busy building pedals right now to set up each one.  There are a handful of countries that I will not be able to ship to.  If you don’t see your home country available contact me and I’ll see what I can do.

Ponyboy’s design internally produces 18 volts using a 9 volt supply.  Because of this design it already benefits from the higher headroom and clarity you might expect from running a drive pedal at higher voltages.  Attempting to run the pedal using a higher than 9 volt power supply will damage components in the circuit.  Such damage is not covered under warranty.

While it would be great to be able to look up pricing for repairs, sometimes what an instrument needs is not apparent to the player.  Often times a guitar or bass needs to be in my hands and on my bench before It’s clear even to me what needs to be done.  Estimates are always free.

I strive to work on everything to the best of my ability in the order that it comes in.  This means that even small repairs may take some time to get through the line, but it also means that I don’t treat anyone’s instrument as more or less important.  Whether you’re a mega rock star or a twelve year old kid your instrument is treated with the same respect and urgency.  Turnaround time varies based on work load.  The sooner it comes in the sooner it goes out.

Repairs are paid for upon completion, though any parts that must be ordered for your instrument must be paid for up front.  I take cash, Visa, Master Card, and Discover.  No American Express and no checks please.