How Scheduling Repairs Works

Historically I’ve tried to do all repairs in the order that they come in.  When you drop your instrument off for repair it gets put in line behind everything that was dropped off before it.  This has worked out pretty well over the years and seemed like a fair way to do business, but recently my backlog has grown larger than I’d like.  In an effort to better serve my clients I am now handling all repairs scheduling online and allowing you to get in line without being without your instrument any longer than necessary.  Here’s how it works:

All repairs will fall into one of a few categories:

  • I need it now!
  • I don’t need it now, but I also don’t want to wait.
  • I don’t need it now, take your time.
  • Dude, I just need new strings.

When you figure out which category you fall into you book an appointment for either a simple restring, a standard turnaround repair, or a rush repair.

I need it now!  (Same Day Rush Service)

I have occasionally had clients that can’t wait in line for their repairs because they have an upcoming show or project or a gig in a few hours even.  In the past I have sometimes been able to accommodate them, though there was often an extra fee for a rush job because it often meant I lost sleep.  This is now an option I’m offering to everyone.  There are a limited number of rush job spots available each week and they come at an additional cost starting at $45.  All of my clients are equally important, but if you happen to be slightly more equally important, at least this time, than this is the option for you.

I don’t need it now, but I also don’t want to wait.  (Priority Instrument Service)

If the standard First Available appointment slots seem too far out I reserve a few slots a week for those of you who are willing to pay a little extra to jump the line.  Unlike Rush Service, this will still go behind whatever else is already in the shop, but you can often get in and out weeks ahead of booking a standard appointment with this option.  There is a flat $25 fee for a Priority booking.

I don’t need it now, take your time.  (First-Available Instrument Service)

Most of you will find that the standard turnaround repair is what you’re looking for.  If you need some pickups installed, a setup, some fret work, or a crack repaired in an acoustic top you’ll most likely fall into this camp.  “I want it fixed right, take your time.”  This is where almost every repair has always been in the past, but now you have the ability to book the tentative bench time without first dropping off the guitar.  Your repair will take the same amount of time as before, but your instrument will spend last time collecting wood dust in the shop before it gets worked on.  You will need to bring it in by your appointment time, but you can always opt to leave it earlier if needed.

Dude, I just need new strings.  (Restring)

If all you need is a new set of strings installed I leave some availability for those appointments throughout the week.  No need to wait for me to finish three refrets, eight setups, two bridge reglues, a fretdress, and an acoustic pickup install before I can fix Junior’s broken string on the guitar he needs for his high school guitar class tomorrow.