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Odie is a flexible boutique overdrive pedal in a tiny rugged package.

  • Transparent overdrive
  • Three drive texture settings: Asymmetric diode clipping, Asymmetric MOSFET clipping, and clean boost.
  • EQ voicing shift switch
  • True bypass
  • Hand made in the USA
  • One year limited warranty

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Product Description

Odie uses only the best quality components, and features a mechanical true bypass switch, Switchcraft jacks, and mil-spec teflon insulated wires.  The PCB and control layout are designed make the pedal rugged as well as easy to use. (How rugged you ask? Check this out.)  All components are rated at voltages of at least 18 volts so you can run Odie using an 18 volt power supply for added headroom.

How does it sound? Check out one (or more) of the demos below.

The Lineage of Odie (What happened to the Odelya Overdrive?)

13 reviews for Odie – Versatile, Transparent Boutique Overdrive Pedal

  1. anfilofi@mail.ru
    5 out of 5


    I got immediately hooked when I first saw Odie in the Mike Hermans demo. It was kind of a gut feeling. Main reason was the sound. It was awesome and too good to be true for the price point. I tried to pull the trigger right away and found no dealers and international shipping at Chellee Guitars at that moment. So I put the pedal into my want list and ordered one as soon as it became available for the international customers.
    What’s so special in Odie? Actually it gets far beyond traditional business boundaries. Usually you can get any 2 out of 3 basic features: high quality, extended functionality (versatility), low price. In unique case of Odie you can get all three in one package.
    When I got the pedal and tried it out I found it stands by all its promises. The first term that comes across my mind when I think of the Odie is maturity. Well thought out controls placement and range, nice look, carefully selected parts and well chosen clipping options resulting in marvelous natural low-mid gain sounds throughout all the settings – everything speaks of the maturity the pedal developed into. You want transparent boost? This pedal will preserve all details of your attack and subtle nuances of your tone. You need more drive and cranked amp kind of sound? Put Texture switch to MOSFET clipping position and get rich and pleasant harmonic textures. I tried power cords with this setting and I got lost for quite a while. When tone is that good it almost doesn’t matter what you actually play :) It was really hard for me to stop playing!
    All in all Odie is easily one of the best low-mid gain OD proposals on the market. Moreover, at its current new (old) price point it is just unprecedented. Know what I’ve done when stopped trying Odie for the first time? That’s right, I’ve ordered me the Odie Classic :) It’s gonna be fun!
    Peter was very kind helping me to overcome some minor ordering issues. Peter, thank you so much! I’m you fan. Please keep on going!

  2. rodger@signalchain.com.au
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    It’s taken me years to find a pedal that captured the tubescreamer tone that I could hear in my head, but hadn’t found in anything I’d tried, until I found the Odie after watching a demo video by the incredible Pete Thorn. This thing is just sensational – crisp, clear, sweet, articulate, and singing driven tones, from clean boost all the way up to medium gain overdrive. It is incredibly versatile though, and far more than just another overdrive pedal on the mountain of tubescreamer clones – no this thing has its own character and mojo, and just makes me want to play more.

    There are virtually thousands of overdrives out there now and it takes something special to come along and stand out from the pack. The Odie is one such pedal, and it’s simply inspiring to play. If you want a super versatile overdrive that’s well designed and thought out, well conceived and built, and well, just sounds phenomenal, then look no further!

    Oh, and I almost forgot – it’s price is just sensational!

  3. m.perry@outlook.com
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I came across this pedal while randomly browsing the Internet. At the time it was only $100 so I figured I’d give it a shot. I wasn’t expecting too much but the Odie sounds fantastic. You have to spend a little bit of time to familiarize yourself with all the options but once you get it all dialed in it’s great. I compared this to my Prince of Tone and the Odie was able to get pretty much all the same sounds while still having more grit on tap. The Tone switch is great and lets you really dial in the sound you are looking for. The construction of the pedal is top notch and should last for years. This pedal would be worth it at twice the price.

  4. bizzyxjo2@yahoo.com
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I stumbled upon the Odie pedal by watching in the In the Blue’s pedal and Mike Hermans of Pop the Chemist. The minute I saw them that is what a TubeScreamer should be like. Versatile, ease of use, price and most importantly quality. I did not hesitate to go on this site to buy one and I never regretted one bit. It’s an amazing pedal you can set it up anyway you want clean boost or an OD. Again, buy it you will not regret it!

  5. bhoff@telus.net
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I got my Odie earlier this week and I love it. My friend brought over his Tube Screamer 808 reissue and his Fulltone OCD and we compared them. The Odie blew the Tube Screamer out of the water. I also preferred the Odie over the OCD but my friend thought the OCD was darker and he likes a darker sound. I love the way the Odie growls when you pick or strum the guitar harder, and cleans up when you play more lightly. And I love its transparency. With all the switches and settings you can get exactly the sound you’re looking for. I’m grateful that I got in on the ground floor before the Odie is selling for twice the price (which I’m sure it could) and for Peter’s personal interaction with me. His initial reply to my email question (on New Year’s Eve no less) was the main reason I went ahead with my order. And I’m so glad I did. The Odie now has a permanent spot on my pedalboard.

  6. Felirick@gmail.com
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I am super impressed by the entire experience, the order arrived in Southern CA in 2 days. The pedal oozed in quality as soon as I opened the packaging. I used the pedal on every amp in my collection, and this pedal sounded great thru every amp. From Dual Rec, Vibrolux, Princeton, etc…. Les Paul, Strat, you name it…. amazing clarity and great articulation. Thanks for sweating the details! I will definitely bring this to the next Jam/Gig.

  7. Maxmankyrillos@gmail.com
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I love this pedal. Sounds VERY natural and is VERY versatile. Whether it be for a clean boost, or main OD sound- or anything in between. Buy it before the rest of the world finds out— at this price there is absolutely nothing that can beat it. Should be selling for a lot more than $100 (introductory price)….

  8. donaldburgess@bellsouth.net
    5 out of 5


    This pedal is awesome, practically out of the box, it blew my tubescreamer off of the pedal board, still “tweaking” it to my liking, but what a great pedal….Great job Peter. Can’t wait to play my next gig with it….

  9. Jeffsmith829@hotmail.com
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Well I have had the Odie for over a month. I have used it through a Marshall DSL , a Black Star, and a Vox valvetronix. Played with on stage and at the house. This pedal just sounds great . I know some friends of mine have tried it out and are ready to order . So far I am extremely pleased with my purchase.

  10. tonyflyingsquirrel@hotmail.com
    5 out of 5


    Tony wrote this review after spending several days with an evaluation unit from the first Odie run.

    Of all of the numerous TS interpretations out there, I feel that Odie takes the TS design to another level and makes it its own by adding the Texture and Voicing switching features. Additionally, the boasting of “if a TS goes from 0 to 10, then Odie goes from -2 to 13″ is well stated as it has far more range of gain structure on both ends of the spectrum. When paired to a Fender Blackface Deluxe Reverb, it was pure SRV, while when paired with a Vox AC-30 Top Boost, the Brit glory of Brighton Rock & Back in Black was in full swing. Using it as a solo boost with the Bogner Uberschall gave it that “11” quality that was needed to get that push over the top, and in a way that cut through the mix without being brittle or harsh. All this, with very little, if any, perceived compression added. I found this pedal to have a very natural dynamic range. Not a one trick pony in the least bit, but rather a stallion of surprises. The hardest part of this review was deciding wether or not to send the pedal back, or a check for payment.

  11. elgrizzo@yahoo.com
    5 out of 5


    This stompbox is awesome. I am a 25 year TubeScreamer user and I don’t think I’m going back. You can easily achieve the classic TuberScreamer tone with the Odie but you have so much more ability to tweak the sound. My favorite feature is the voicing switch. Set that bad-boy for the bass boost and you can get great fuzz tone. It’s like you just went from Stevie Ray Vaughn to Billy Gibbons in the flip of a switch. It’s just a fun box with lots of versatility! Nice work from a fellow Roberto-Venn classmate!

  12. boutjp97@gmail.com
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I agree with everything Jeff Smith said so why repeat it? To further expound upon it I tried my Odie through my Orange first and it made my big toe shoot up in my boot. Creamy, bottom heavy, from clean boost to brown sound. I tried it on my H&K 20th anniversary and statesman and I got the same result with a little more mid sparkle. The sound was slightly muddy on a Tech21 but that’s a modeling amp and I know that it does not play well with pedals. Still sounded great through the Tech21 just not as crisp, and tight. Modeling amps almost never have appealing breakup with gain pedals in my opinion. I also tried it direct to laptop to record a few tracks. While I know it is not meant to perform without an amp it still kicked out some pretty cool tones. It was able to get real grungy direct in. The Tech21 and direct in are not optimal for pedals but this beast still did surprisingly well. I tried on 3 different tube amps and all sounded amazing. I’ve paid way more for way less pedal. I’d recommend this pedal to anyone a triple the price.

  13. jeffsmith829@hotmail.com
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Odie, WOW…
    I have played and owned several overdrive and distortion pedals, But I always got back to my TS.
    I got my Odie today. Looks very nice. Came with a battery. Put the battery in, hit the switch. Instantly it sounded incredible.
    That to me is a sign of a great product. So of course I did the A/B switching between the TS and the Odie.
    The Odie can sound like a TS if you want. But this goes way beyond. The texture and voicing modes offer a wide variety of tones. From just a clean boost to a beautiful over drive sound, note definition always stays clear and punchy. Also it cleans up nice when you roll back on the volume knob.
    Extremely dynamic.
    And at the current price point. You would be foolish not to purchase this masterpiece.
    Looks like the TS is going to rest awhile.

    Thanks you very much Peter. Now I most go and play some more.

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