Odie Overdrive Demo Video Now On YouTube

The Odie Overdrive has been making its way into the hands of guitar players all over the US since mid July. I got a chance to hang out with one of those guys last week and shoot some video of exactly what he likes about his new overdrive pedal and how he’s using it.

I’ve known Jim Gentry pretty much since I started working on guitars back in the 90’s.  He’s a super nice guy and a killer player, but he’s also got got a head for electronics and tech.  When he came by the shop with his amp to check out an Odie I played around with some video trying to capture exactly what he was getting out of it, but the audio didn’t turn out too well.  He bought the pedal and took it home and I later told him that the video wasn’t usable.  He said I should come by his studio some time and we could try again. This time I made sure to gather more recording equipment than I needed along with a couple of cameras and met him at his studio one evening.

Looking back and having been through the video several times in editing I think my favorite part about the experience is that we didn’t talk about the pedal at all before shooting.  We didn’t discuss what he would or would’t say, we just sat down, hit record and went for it.  Of course that meant a little extra edit time on my part, but I really only took out a couple of small sections where he restated something more than once.  I know it’s still a bit long (almost 11 and a half minute), but he was s o thorough that I couldn’t find much that I felt I could cut.  Enjoy the demo, it’s also available on YouTube and on the Odie product page.